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Portable antivirus, any good?

Once I was presenting at the potential customer. It was a serious company, very impressive meeting room with good presentation equipment. Of cause, I did not bring my laptop with me. I took my files on my flash drive. The presentation was successful as usual. The customer placed an order and everything could be nice, but… When I plugged my pendrive at work after the presentation, the antivirus got crazy. There were so many viruses, Trojans and worms there. My portable applications that I used to run from the drive were all infected. I lost a lot of time to clean it. Unfortunately the backup file was not quite up-to-date. I could restore my applications, but some data was unrecoverable. I wish I could detect viruses there… I do not blame anyone. I am just asking for your advice.

I know that there is a problem to make antivirus portable. From one side it shall be small footprint, from the other it shall get updates, it shall provide real-time protection.  I am looking for one that will work from the flash drive and scan all the activity and prevent copying viruses to my device. Yes, I know, there is ClamWin, a nice and free one, but does not suit my needs.

Do you know any good portable antivirus? Please leave your advice in comments.


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