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5 reasons to use PORTABLE password manager

There are much more than 5, but I will start with these main points:

  1. You are human… never mind, no one is perfect. 
  2. We live in modern world with its cons and pros 
  3. We live in the era of globalization, just admit it 
  4. We live in the era of internet, Do you understand what this means? 
  5. There are bad guys there in the web, beware

Do I have to explain? OK, let’s make it clearer.
1. You are human, aren’t you?
You may forget anything, – your keys, your eyeglasses, your documents and your wallet. You DO forget your passwords. And even if you do remember your password, you can mistype it. “To err is human”. If you type it wrong several times – your account is blocked, and you have to ask administrator to reset it. And how often are you required to change your password to your bank account, web access, corporate VPN, etc? You wish there were no passwords at all. Just open the webpage and you are in.

2. We live in 21st century, aren’t we?
We have MANY accounts. We are using computers. We are working hard in the web. Therefore we have LOTS of passwords to remember. But we are still humans after all. And we do forget. Do you want to bet that you cannot remember 5 strings in a row? Just give it a try. Please remember the following:






Yes, maybe YOU can remember these 5 passwords. Then you are a genius and maybe this reason will not urge you to use these products, but let us look to the next reason.

3. We live in the era of globalization.
You can find yourself tomorrow in Milano, drinking a tiny cup of strong espresso in the internet café on the Via Corsa Di Porta Romano and trying to type your password for your Gmail account, but… you cannot find necessary letters, symbols are in the wrong place and the whole keyboard is somehow different… What a mess! And the very next day you appear in Russian beautiful city of Snt. Petersburg and find out that the keyboard is Cyrillic. You wish you could enter your password automatically, just like that – open the webpage and you are in, but at the moment you even do not know how to switch a keyboard to Latin layout. Ha?!

4. We live in the era of the Internet.
We keep information there. We purchase goods and services. We look for a partner or a spouse. We watch movies, we listen to music. We… Everywhere we go there in the web we need to prove our identity (the same username/password). Someone can guess it. Someone can spy it. Someone can get access to our money, documents, entire life. We are exposed to risks! Oh, my god!

What is even more alarming –
5. There are bad guys in the web.
Do you know what identity theft is? Did you ever receive some message from your bank that was never sent? Did you ever get an e-mail, requiring resetting password to your account? These messages are called phishing. If you ever followed their instructions – you’ve lost something. You’ve lost money or information or something even more valuable, like identity. Identity is not virginity, you never enjoy loosing it!

Is there a way to be safe, portable, light-hearted? Is there a way to make it convenient? Is there some automatic, simple, user-friendly and clear solution, working in the background and doing hard work for me? Maybe there is some solution that is not using much recourses of computer working on any PC without installation? Maybe there is some solution that I can take with me wherever I go?
Yes! There is an ultimate, convenient and secure solution.  Use password manager. Use password manager that fills forms automatically and does not require from you any additional actions. Use password management system that is convenient and user-friendly. Use the one that keeps your private data in encrypted database. Use n-Pass! This is my personal advice.

You, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, you need:  

  • Password management 
  • You need it to be portable 
  • You need it to be secure  
  • You need it to be simple, convenient and automatic
  • You need it to be n-Pass!   

Forget your passwords!
Give away your Stick-It notes!
Delete your text files you used to keep your passwords in!
Start using n-Pass today.

You do not have one?Take your free 60 days trial of n-Pass now!

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5 reasons to use Portable Encryption (part 1)

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, if you are Pope or even more innocent than a Pope, you can skip this page and move directly to heaven.

Everything that I post here is for you normal sinner people, and for you abnormal sinner people and even for you ladies. You and I agree that you always have something to hide. We both know that you definitely have your fair reasons to do so. Then the best way to do so is to encrypt your data.
But that is only one and even not the main reason to use encryption.

What can be more important than hiding information? –  The need to secure it!
Let us picture a typical situation – you are sales person. You work hard on every sales lead, flying from one coast to another doing more miles a day than 5th US fleet. You know more people by contacts in 50 states than the president of the United States. All of them are your customers and you keep carefully their details, and names of their wives, pets and kids. You carefully keep contracts, price lists, and all information you need to close the deal. 
You are very successful – your managers love you, your clients tolerate you, your competitors hate you. What can be a worst nightmare that you can imagine? No, it is not the earthquake in Sichuan neither tornado in Texas.
Your worst nightmare is that information stored on your laptop somehow falls to dirty hands of your competitor. What? They will need password to open it? You cannot be that naïve. Let’s pretend that I did not hear this question. Just believe me – the worst thing that can happen to your information is to fall to wrong hands. You need some prove? Here is one story, and here is another one, and you’ve heard about this story for sure. If you Google the string “lost laptop” you get over 60,000 links. Why do they write that much about some lost laptops? Because you never know the real value of information you keep before you lose it.
The above was a long prelude to the reason number 1Your information is valuable (and not only for you). What can be done to prevent access to your secrets? The answer is obvious – encrypt.  You select your favorite tool and method for encryption, but if you ask me – the easiest way is the best one. What can be easier than n-Pass? Give it a try.
Get it from CNET!
It took me so long to write about 1st reason that I will leave the rest to another post, but I want to summarize. 5 main reasons are:

  1. Your information is valuable
  2. Your identity is important
  3. Your privacy shall be of high priority
  4. You are advanced user, surfer, you name it
  5. You are working on many workstations or using public internet access points

If all these points are talking to you, you have to use encryption and you need it portable.
Want to learn more – continue reading, or visit a website of the n-Pass

Added on June 27. Today another story popped-up. This will never stop till they start using encryption on every laptop and PC

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