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5 reasons to use PORTABLE password manager

There are much more than 5, but I will start with these main points:

  1. You are human… never mind, no one is perfect. 
  2. We live in modern world with its cons and pros 
  3. We live in the era of globalization, just admit it 
  4. We live in the era of internet, Do you understand what this means? 
  5. There are bad guys there in the web, beware

Do I have to explain? OK, let’s make it clearer.
1. You are human, aren’t you?
You may forget anything, – your keys, your eyeglasses, your documents and your wallet. You DO forget your passwords. And even if you do remember your password, you can mistype it. “To err is human”. If you type it wrong several times – your account is blocked, and you have to ask administrator to reset it. And how often are you required to change your password to your bank account, web access, corporate VPN, etc? You wish there were no passwords at all. Just open the webpage and you are in.

2. We live in 21st century, aren’t we?
We have MANY accounts. We are using computers. We are working hard in the web. Therefore we have LOTS of passwords to remember. But we are still humans after all. And we do forget. Do you want to bet that you cannot remember 5 strings in a row? Just give it a try. Please remember the following:






Yes, maybe YOU can remember these 5 passwords. Then you are a genius and maybe this reason will not urge you to use these products, but let us look to the next reason.

3. We live in the era of globalization.
You can find yourself tomorrow in Milano, drinking a tiny cup of strong espresso in the internet café on the Via Corsa Di Porta Romano and trying to type your password for your Gmail account, but… you cannot find necessary letters, symbols are in the wrong place and the whole keyboard is somehow different… What a mess! And the very next day you appear in Russian beautiful city of Snt. Petersburg and find out that the keyboard is Cyrillic. You wish you could enter your password automatically, just like that – open the webpage and you are in, but at the moment you even do not know how to switch a keyboard to Latin layout. Ha?!

4. We live in the era of the Internet.
We keep information there. We purchase goods and services. We look for a partner or a spouse. We watch movies, we listen to music. We… Everywhere we go there in the web we need to prove our identity (the same username/password). Someone can guess it. Someone can spy it. Someone can get access to our money, documents, entire life. We are exposed to risks! Oh, my god!

What is even more alarming –
5. There are bad guys in the web.
Do you know what identity theft is? Did you ever receive some message from your bank that was never sent? Did you ever get an e-mail, requiring resetting password to your account? These messages are called phishing. If you ever followed their instructions – you’ve lost something. You’ve lost money or information or something even more valuable, like identity. Identity is not virginity, you never enjoy loosing it!

Is there a way to be safe, portable, light-hearted? Is there a way to make it convenient? Is there some automatic, simple, user-friendly and clear solution, working in the background and doing hard work for me? Maybe there is some solution that is not using much recourses of computer working on any PC without installation? Maybe there is some solution that I can take with me wherever I go?
Yes! There is an ultimate, convenient and secure solution.  Use password manager. Use password manager that fills forms automatically and does not require from you any additional actions. Use password management system that is convenient and user-friendly. Use the one that keeps your private data in encrypted database. Use n-Pass! This is my personal advice.

You, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, you need:  

  • Password management 
  • You need it to be portable 
  • You need it to be secure  
  • You need it to be simple, convenient and automatic
  • You need it to be n-Pass!   

Forget your passwords!
Give away your Stick-It notes!
Delete your text files you used to keep your passwords in!
Start using n-Pass today.

You do not have one?Take your free 60 days trial of n-Pass now!

Get it from CNET!


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  1. Great article. However, to get the best portable password manager, you need to look elsewhere.
    Check out SignupShield which was security Editors’ Choice of PC Magazine in May 2008.

    Comment by Abe | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dear Abe,
    SignupShield maybe a very good software. There was an outstanding review in Top10reviews that recommeds Roboform, which can be a good software, but I could not use it.
    The software is like cuisine – personal taste dependant 🙂
    I personnaly use and recommend n-Pass.

    Comment by patholog | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. Excellent post, just added it to my bookmarks. I work for Vidoop and we have a password manager that is a browser plugin. It will store all your online passwords, is accessible from anywhere, etc. more info as

    I would be interested to hear thoughts on how people think our password management solution stacks up against Roboform and n-Pass…

    Comment by Kevin Fox | July 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. Kevin, Thank you for your comment.
    My personal concerns about myVidoop:
    1. cannot be accessible from anywhere, it needs installation of plugin. Thus it cannot be used on public PC, e.g. internet cafe.
    2. The database is stored online? Is it encrypted? Does user trust your encryption?
    3. OpenID – the same old problem of phishing is not solved.
    4. Too complicated task for dummy… or regular user to start using it. The idea of using images instead of letters is nice. It protects against keyloggers, but you need to remember 5 categories, i.e. 5 words, not just one password.
    5. Have a look on Passpack or Clipperz
    I will write a separate review on this typeof password management.

    Comment by patholog | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  5. […] last one,, was suggested by Kevin Fox in his comment to one of the previous posts. An interesting idea of replacement of master password with image categories was implemented there. […]

    Pingback by Back to passwords « Security for Dummies | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  6. To address some of your concerns….

    1. The plugin requires you to login to myVidoop to activate. To login to myVidoop requires an activated browser. Once you are done using the public computer you can simply deactivate that browser and anyone who clicks on the plugin will just be taken to myVidoop and asked to activate the browser. You also dont need to install the plugin to access your passwords, simply login to directly and you can sign in to all your sites from there.

    2. We explain our database security here:

    3. Our ImageShield is phishing resistant, since a random access code is generated everytime you login.

    4. You can pick 3-5 categories, many studies have shown it is easier to recognize image categories than recall a complicated password.

    5. I have looked at several other services and still stick with myVidoop. Though I work for the company and am biased, I can honestly say the service saves me time and is more secure.

    I would be very interested to see a extensive review of the major password management solutions out there. I think that would be an excellent post.

    Comment by Kevin Fox | July 9, 2008 | Reply

  7. I enjoyed your post about password security. That’s one of my favorite topics in my blog (in fact, I wrote something today about how programmers store passwords). It’s really frustrating for me when I have a really strong password and someone does something stupid with it like email my password to me, store it in plain text, or have me verify my social security number as authentication.

    I’ve never used an application to store my passwords because I’ve seen so many of those applications cracked. As a programmer, I know how easy it is to get to those passwords. In fact, if I had physical access to your machine, I’d have not only your windows passwords but any password you saved. Does that kind of thing make you nervous? It is cool though that you can keep your passwords in one place and then if, for some reason, you want to revoke rights, you can change only one password.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by dpatrickcaldwell | February 27, 2009 | Reply

    • Question to dpatrickcaldwell:
      If you do not use one of these tools to keep track of all your passwords, what do you use? I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet for years, but it’s becoming long and it doesn’t auto-fill for me.

      I’ve used Ilium eWallet also, but I’ve given up on it after upgrading my mobile device. They now have a version for the iPod Touch and Phone. Looks interesting.

      Comment by John Wentz | July 29, 2009 | Reply

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  9. I wasn’t a big fan when LifeLock’s CEO gave out his social security number in public. It was a huge publicity stunt.

    Comment by LifeLock Discount | November 23, 2011 | Reply

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