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Over 10000 laptops are lost every week in US airports

Yesterday article in PCWorld with reference to the Ponemon Institute The figure itself is amazing. But travelers’ attitude is more surprising.  About 77 percent of people surveyed said they had no hope of recovering a lost laptop. Therefore, they even did not claim the lost laptop. About 53 percent said that laptops contain confidential company information, with 65 percent taking no steps to protect the information.
What these figures say? 

  1. 53% of 637,000 = 337,610 laptops with confidential information lost each year
  2. 65% of 337,610 = 219,446 unprotected laptops with confidential information lost

According to the earlier survey of the same Ponemon Institute the average cost of compromised record in 2006 was $182. I can assume that nowadays it is much higher, about $250/record.

Assuming that each laptop has only 1 confidential record, direct annual damage is $54,861,625

Back to article:

Laptop theft is fairly prevalent in the U.S., said Mike Spinney, a spokesman for Ponemon Institute. In a study conducted by the institute, 76 percent of companies surveyed reported losing one or more laptops each year, of which 22 percent were due to theft or other criminal mischief.  Many people are ashamed of reporting lost laptops as they leave them where they shouldn’t be, Spinney said.

Let us compare above figures to the cost of simple measures for data protection:

  1. Encryption of disk – $45 per laptop with software solution or
  2. Encryption of disk – $115 per hardware key
  3. Dell Laptop tracking and recovery – 1st year free, including
  • Combat Theft – Absolute’s recovery team partners with law enforcement to track and recover your laptop 
  • Protect Data – Capability to delete valuable corporate data from the stolen system 
  • Track Your PCs – Manage software licenses, equipment leases, machine configurations and usage with remote monitoring capabilities.

What about your laptop?
Is it protected?
Do you keep confidential info on your hard disk?
Do you encrypt?


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