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Faking fingerprint (part 3)

Dear all, since the problem of faking fingerprints attracted so much interest, I decided to collect few available videos here. I am sure you can find more. If you meet something interesting, please drop a link in comments.

1. Karen Friar has sent a link to Dialogue Box video . This video describes an easy way to make a fake finger. Moulding plastic, jelly, milk and tea are all the ingredients that Dialogue Box needed to get past one biometric security device.   

2. This following one gets the same result with some other tools and materials

3. I personnaly love this one.

4. This one is really interesting for those who understand. They trick a Upek swipe-type capacitive sensor with a piece of wet paper.

5. One more crack of Digital Persona with gelly fingers. in German

I hope that you agree with me, there is no fingerprint sensor that cannot be tricked by artificial fingerprints. But I want you to understand me right. I am not against using biometrics! I am biometrics stickler! I beleive that it just shall be used in right place and it shall be called by the right name – not security provider, but security assistant.



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