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Your password is not a secret

5 terrifying facts about your passwords and 1 simple and free solution

Did you ever notice that someone opened your computer or entered your mailbox? Did you notice someone spying on you when typing a password or a PIN-code? Are you aware that your password was guessed?  Do you remove the Stick-it note when you leave your workplace? Do you lock your computer?OK, you are aware now that there are risks. But what can you do? What is a way to remember many complicated passwords? You do not have to! More of that, I say “FORGET YOUR PASSWORDS”. How?
Before I share the most powerful secret, I would like to tell you one story from real life.

Why am I so sure that you are exposed to risk? The answer is obvious. If you read this message – you are not an alien, you are human. Therefore you are exposed to 5 risks:

1.       Your administrator is a terrible guy that changes passwords every month or makes you changing it; and you have to write it down because otherwise you will forget. Where do you keep this note? On a stick-it sheet under or on the bottom side of the keyboard? Near the screen? Under the paperweight on your desk? Are you sure the place is safe?

2.       You rely on the MS Windows protection. You keep all your passwords in a text file on a hard disk of your computer. Yes, you know that you make a hacker’s life even easier, but you think that he have to log-on first… doesn’t he…?

3.       You never write your password, that’s why you use a simple one. What shall one know to guess your password? A name of your spouse, son or daughter? Your pet name? Your address or your date of birth? This is called “human engineering” and you can learn a lot about it from Kevin Mitnick.  

4.       You use one password for all accounts. Yes, you do not forget it. Maybe it is not a simple one. Maybe it even contains symbols and numbers, small and capital letters. But it is still the one. If someone put a hand on it… guess what.  

5.       You have friends. The ancients used to say “if two people share one secret – it is not a secret any more”

Not long ago I have received an e-mail from my bank asking me to enter the online account and to change a password. There was a link at the end of the message and I clicked on it. The web page opened. It looked exactly like my bank’s website, but… But my password manager did not fill the form. I do not remember my passwords; I use n-Pass Pro.  And it did not fill the form. It never happened before and I was curious. I thought that something is wrong with a program, but when I looked at the URL I understood why the n-Pass refused to cooperate. It was not my bank’s web page, though it looked exactly the same. It was a phishing message and fake website. The n-Pass knew it and did not fill my credentials. It kept my money safe. Moreover it kept my identity


Why do I tell this story? Because the secret I wanted to share is the n-Pass – a password manager. I do not remember passwords; I simply do not need to. I can use very strong and complicated passwords, and n-Pass generates them for me. I do use lots of passwords; all of them are unique and strong. They are not dictionary words. They contain symbols, numbers and letters. And I do not remember them. If a friend of mine asks me for my password I even cannot say it. I do not know what my passwords are.

Do you believe it? No? Just give it a try! You can download n-Pass and use it absolutely free for 60 days.

 Get it from CNET!

I am sure that you will love it.  Even if not, it is risk-free. You download it to any pendrive and use it for 60 days free. If you do not like it, you do not pay.

But this is far not all you will get for your $45 free.

You will get also:

·         n-Crypt, an ultimate tool for keeping your files protected

·         n-Crypt EVD – a tool for creation of encrypted virtual disks

·         Shredder for files you want to destroy without ability to recover

·         Passwords Generator

·         Contacts management – an active address book that is always with you

·         One-click VPN and RDC connection tool

·         A launcher for Portable Applications

·         Free access to over 100 portable applications

·         And much more

Are you ready to give it a try? Download it from here

 Get it from CNET!

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