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Do you need to hide information?

Yes, I know. You are decent man!
You have nothing to hide!
You have nothing to be humiliated about!
You declare every cent you earn!
You are… the Pope…. Dear padre,
Benedict XVI, actually this post was not addressed to you, but rather to your patients.

All the rest please follow me to the masterclass for hiding information from:
Spouse, Kids, Enemies, Thefts and hackers, Parents, Bad guys, Tax authorities, Good guys, Entire world, You name it….

You will learn to keep your data secure. At the end of the day you will know how to make it accessible but invisible to others. No one but you can see it, read it, edit it…

Here are they, the three ways to keep your information secure:   

Numero uno – Encrypt the file
Numero due – Encrypt the folder
Numero tré – Encrypt the disk

 Nothing can be easier. You do not need to know what encryption is and how it is done. Just follow my instructions.

  1. Start n-Pass. If you do not have one, it’s just a time to get a free trial
  2. Select the file you want to encrypt
  3. Right Click -> n-Crypt -> Encrypt

Encrypted file

Easy! Just 1-2-3, abracadabra! And the file is encrypted.
Let’s do it again. Please follow me… 1-2-3!
Great! You are secure now!

How’s the feeling?
Oh, I see… You think I’m lying, don’t you? You say “it cannot be that easy!”

Let us make a check.
Exit the n-Pass. Try to open the file. You cannot open it? Why? Yes! Windows does not know how to handle it. OK, fine.

Are you convinced now? Yes, sure one can see that this file exists, but no one, but you can open it.
You wanted to make it invisible? Yes, you can! It’s also very simple. Use the disk the encryption tool and store your files on the EVD.

Come and get a free trial here:

Get it from CNET!

We are not over yet! Next time I will show you how to encrypt and hide entire disk. Keep reading


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